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When I reflect on the two years of my travels, I remember how good it also felt to help other people in less fortunate financial situations. Not extreme sums of money, but a little support here and there that would help them to buy a meal, new clothes, or school material for their kids. I really enjoyed those moments of sharing, especially in the poorer countries, as they brought them, and in turn also me, so much joy.

I have decided to pledge a portion of the sales proceeds for donations and charitable purposes and each one of you can vote on which specific projects we will donate to and help to implement in the future. There is no reason why I should decide this myself—we are all part of this enterprise now.

Each book contains a QR code and passcode with which you will have access to vote on the website. An interactive way of reader involvement. Jointly supporting the people in need around the world. Welcome to a new era of print utility and governance.

To see and vote on the pre-selected list of projects, please scan the book’s QR code or enter the passcode here – you will then be redirected to the voting page.

Below you will find the list of projects:
Currently under vote
and Funded in the past.

Currently under vote

Funded in the past

Jun-24: Food and living support for Eyan

  • Eyan is an eight-year old girl in elementary grade. Her parents are dirt-poor farmers earning little money from a small piece of land growing root crops and raising chickens 

  • The funds will be needed for food support as the five-month dry season has rendered farming difficult. It will also support the family's native chicken project 

  • We, the Two Years Collective, supported the family with the required funds

eyan family 1.png

May-24: Classroom renovation South Africa

  • The classrooms of St. Ignatius Primary School are in urgent need of renovation 

  • The funds will be used for: electricity, white boards, bulletin boards, repairing or replacing the floors, replacing broken windows, etc. 

  • We, the Two Years Collective, helped the school to fund the renovation of classroom #4 (out of 11) 

school 1.png

May-24: Trash bins for Day Care Center

  • Part of the Day Care Center's curriculum is developing the right approach towards environment

  • The center teaches kids how to keep their space clean as a encouragement towards a healthy life 

  • We, the Two Years Collective, helped to purchase more trash cans for the compound to fulfill their mission

day care bins 1.png

May-24: Homework help for Nepalese kids

  • The program serves children from two villages in Nepal: The parents are daily workers with long hours and mostly not at home to guide the kids in their homework and studies

  • The "Full Life Training Center" values education as a means to break the cycle of poverty and offers after-school help 

  • We, the Two Years Collective, helped the center to purchase study materials as well as food/drinks

homework 1.png

Apr-24: Urgent medial support for Ian

  • Ian was rushed to the hospital as an emergency with difficulty in breathing, fevers, and a persistent cough

  • He was on oxygen support and was treated for severe bronchopneumonia 

  • We, the Two Years Collective, helped to financially support the diagnosis tests including a chest X-ray, blood culture and sensitivity, and a complete blood count (CBC) as well as the ongoing medial care treatment

Ian 1.png

Mar-24: Bunk bed for a family of 10

  • Tafitasoa's family got recently moved to a safer living area

  • The whole family slept on two single beds, which was not sufficient to be comfortable in the long term

  • A bunk bed was needed to provide more sleeping area for the whole family 

  • We, the Two Years Collective, helped the family purchase it


Feb-24: Hygiene products for village school

  • ~30 children and a few teachers needed basic hygiene supplies to improve their hygiene and health at school

  • The school did not have toilet paper, soap or hand sanitizer for the children to wash their hands after using the restroom 

  • We, the Two Years Collective, helped the school buy hygiene supplies and thereby ensure health standards

school 1.png

Jan-24: Clean water for Yoselin and family

  • Yoselin and her family did not have easy access to clean drinking water in their hometown in Guatemala

  • The family had to regularly purchase large bottles of drinking water which made them struggle financially

  • We, the Two Years Collective, helped them buy a water filter and thereby safeguard their health and improve their lives

Yoselin 1.png
Yoselin 2.png

Dec-23: School uniform for Joslyn

  • Joslyn needed a proper school uniform and shoes so that she may attend school with dignity, pride, and confidence

  • In South Africa, the uniform and shoes carry so much weight that extends much further than just aesthetics

  • We, the Two Years Collective, helped Joslyn to buy new clothing for her new school year ahead

Joslyn 1.png
Joslyn 2.png

Nov-23: Food and supplies for Kyla and Rap-rap

  • The two kids Kyla and Rap-rap needed food and supplies to bridge the time gap until their father could work again after his motorcycle accident

  • Their mother is a house wife taking care of them

  • We, the Two Years Collective, helped them to secure food and supplies for the coming months

Kyla raprap 1.png
Kyla raprap 2.png

Oct-23: Smokeless stove (Jiko) for Anne

  • Anne used open fire to cook for years which causes health issues with eyes and lungs

  • She needed a new stove to properly cook for her family

  • We, the Two Years Collective, helped Anne to buy a new  smokeless stove (Jiko) for her home

Anne 1.png
Anne 2.png
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